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    • About

      Our business was founded upon the desire to improve the lives of our family and friends. This desire to help has spread to our community and now beyond.

      We are a small North Carolina family that has seen first hand the positive effects and improved well being that our products can give both people and pets. CBD is a wonderful natural remedy for a variety of physical and mental ailments. We have personally made a commitment to try to steer away from pharmaceuticals as the first line of treatment, giving preference to plants or items that God created.

      Our ancestors used derivatives from these plants in ancients times. They recognized the medicinal benefits of its use thousands of years ago. Until the early 20th century, when those who stood to gain wealth or power created prohibition, medications made from the cannabis plant were readily available and prescribed. We do not feel it is coincidental that the number of illnesses and people suffering from pain have risen considerably as our diets have deteriorated and our access to nature have been restricted. Thankfully our freedoms to make natural choices for our health are beginning to be restored.

      We have done our research far and wide for Hemp-based products of the highest quality. Any item you will find in our store meet our quality and testing standards. We trust you will be better from trying these products. We look forward to your reviews!